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So what's the idea?

Learn good UX fundamentals and apply it in practice. The project aims to share the best UX practices with entry-level designers in the form of weekly meetups and practical workshops. You will both learn how to approach design problems as UX designer in product teams and get guidance from professionals on setting the right career path. So if you are an entry / junior level UX designer this is perfect for you!

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What are the topics?

Summary of the main topics. We will be starting from theoretical UX fundamentals, going through the best UX design practices, will have a deep dive into UX research methodology. After that, we will be focusing on design tools, design scalability and designing in our product teams.

  • UX Process
  • UX Research methods
  • Responsive / Native Apps
  • Design Tools
  • User Interface
  • Building Portfolio
  • Career Path
  • Product Workshops

How long does it take?

It will take around 6-8 weeks. We will be doing weekly meetups where industry professionals will be presenting one of the topics. Inbetween the meetups all students will be working on the projects remotely in product teams, so theoretical knowledge will be applied in practice. You will receive the UX and Hello certificate after finishing the course. Preliminary date for the first meetup is the 30th of May.

Who will be teaching?

Experienced Proffesionals from cool design-driven companies. The team consists of various professionals: Product Designers, UX Researchers and Design Directors representing companies such as Shopify, Facebook, Wix, Vinted, NFQ, Trafi, Trustpilot. These are the people who helped create digital products that are loved by the users worldwide. There is a huge opportunity for you to learn from the best!

Edgaras Predkelis

Founder @ UX and Hello
Senior Product Designer @ Shopify

Jonas Grinevičius

Design Lead @ Vinted

Igor Gubaidulin

Head of Design and UX @ NFQ

Simonas Skrebė

Lead UX Researcher @ TransferGo

Emilija Valantiejūtė

UX Researcher @ Bentley Systems

Algimantas Jočys

Product Designer @ Trafi

Jurga Kurtinaitienė

Head of UX @ Alma Littera Group

Rasa Jonkutė

Product Designer @ Trustpilot

Domas Markevičius

Design System Maker @ Wix

Greta Fedaravičiūtė

UX/UI Designer @ Tesonet

Paulius Papreckis

Product Designer @ Wix

Dominykas Rimša

Product Designer @ Trustpilot

Contact us a if you'd like to join our team as a speaker 😉

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For Students

Register here. Drop a message about yourself and tell us more about your motivation to participate in UX and Hello workshop, briefly present your design project idea. We will contact you personally with more details. Please note that there are only 12 slots available.
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